Fall 2022 – After School Labs

Our AfterSchool programs will resume in FALL 2022. Right now, we have fun summer camps for kids ages 7-14 at our Frisco & Mckinney locations. Find out more about our summer camps by clicking on the Enroll button.

Here is our fun-filled curriculum for FALL 2022 :

Coders & Game Designers Lab

Lua Coding in Minecraft EDU & Roblox Studio.

Application Design Using Thunkable & Construct.

C# Coding & Game Design Using Unity & Unreal.

Builders & Robotic Engineers Lab

Engineering & Robotics Design Challenge Labs.

Lego Spike Prime & BricQ Education Platforms.

Streamers & Video Creators Lab

Storyboarding, Video Production, Streaming, Video Monetization, Sound Editing & Digital animation Lessons.

Introduction to Graphic Design & using Canva, Adobe Spark, iMovie, Filmmora.

DJ Music Creators Lab

Sound Track Production Using DJ Turntable & Live Sound.

Learning mixing techniques in Serato DJ and FL Studio.

Music Production in Garage Band and SoundTrap.

Esports & Shoutcasting Lab 

Team Building via Minecraft, Valorant & Rocket League Build Battles.

Researching, Exploring & Practicing Career Building Opportunities in Shoutcasting & Esports.

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