(Full Day) STEAM & Robotics Party

June 6-10 | 9 am-3.30 pm | Ages 6-12

Our STEAM & Robotics Camp will introduce several different aspects of Technology, STEAM & Lego Robotics to the our campers. Kids will learn how to assemble, program and maneouvre thier Lego Spike Prime Robotcs and participate in Cargo Connect FLL Mission Challenges. They will explore Circuit Design with Snap Circuits and Chibitronics.

Campers will have fun with 3D printing, Ozobots, Microbits and will build engineering projects using everyday materials such as toothpicks, recycled materials, pennies, popsicle sticks, and much more. They will also work on exploring STEM Tinker Kits, and have fun with slime and other STEAM DIY projects. This camp will include mostly hands-on learning with some relevant screen time on their Ipads.

Best for children 6-12.

(Full Day) Coding & Game Design

June 13-17 | 9 am-3.30 pm | Ages 6-14

Why play video games all day when your child can learn so much by making one! This camp integrates fundamentals of coding, graphic design, math, STEAM, and design into a student-centered project that combines imagination, creativity, teamwork and problem solving skills as they design their own video game. Kids will program using GameMaker software. Best for kids ages 7-14.

This camp combines hands-on STEAM activities, with Coding and Game Design in Roblox, Minecraft, or Scratch. For older kids, advanced coding language options (such as Python, Javascript, Unity Game Design etc) are available too.  Our techies will be explore coding in Minecraft or Roblox and build their own creative Roblox Games and Minecraft Worlds using Block Coding. Click on the Enroll Button to learn more!

Best for kids ages 7-14.

(Full Day) Esports & STEAM Party

June 20-24 | 9 am-3.30 pm | Ages 7-14

Our campers will learn how to work on an esports production team; from playing the game, directing, and being the shoutcaster in front of the camera. The program will help your child learn communication skills, problem solving, teamwork, and leadership skills. This camps offers students a hands-on experience in professional competitive gaming and live broadcasting.

Bonus activites include exploring Youtube Video Creation, Editing, Mixing and adding Post Production Effects, Storyboarding or Scripting for thier Shoutcasting channel, Brand Marketing exercises, and some fun STEAM activities to wrap up their day!

Best for kids ages 8 – 14. Learn more by clicking on the Enroll Button.

(Full Day) Digital Art & Animation

June 27-July 1 | 9am-3:30pm | Ages 7-12

Learn what it takes to be a digital artist and have a blast with colors, and complex patterns. Share the joy of digital art with your friends and family!  In this camp, our little artists will bring their creative imagination to life by learning how to draw, paint and render on the Procreate App. Kids will add color and pop to their avorite characters and bring them to life in FlipAClip and ToonTastic Animations.

Along with Digital Art and Animation, campers will enjoy tonnes of bonus STEAM experiments, projects and activities with colors, shapes, patterns & textures all through this Super “Artastic” week!

Best for kids in the ages 7 – 12. Learn more by clicking on the Enroll Button.


Locations: Frisco & Mckinney, TX

Full Day Camps: $420

Half Day Camps: $239

                                   Feel free to email us at frisco@techiefactory.com for any questions or inquiries!