More Americans are watching Esports more than all traditional pro sports other than the NFL. That will soon change.

Your Techie loves video games, DUH! Our Esports Select teams give them the opportunity to play while also learning teamwork, social skills, self confidence, winning and losing with grace, better coordination, and gives community to kids who don’t love traditional sports. It’s so much more than Techies playing video games –  they learn how to stream, shoutcast, and be introduced to a variety of exciting future STEAM careers. Techies will play age appropriate games and have the opportunity to compete against other kids their age.

Techie Factory eSports

Benefits of eSports

  • Social skills
  • Teamwork
  • Managing success and failure
  • Travel skills
  • Hanging out with like minded friends
  • Strategic thinking
  • FUN
  • Introduction to various STEAM careers
  • Increased opportunity to make high school and college teams in the future

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