Day Camp: Minecraft Mania

August 1 - August 5 | 8:30am-3pm | Ages 6-9

In this camp Minecraft beginners will learn the ins and outs of the Minecraft platform on our private server. They’ll gain an understanding of online safety, basic computer skills, and how to mod(a kin to coding) in the platform. They’ll learn teamwork as they work together to create amazing things in Minecraft. Best for 6-9 year olds

Day Camp: Digital Creators: Art, Animation, NFT Camp

August 8 - August 12 | 8:30am-3pm | Ages 7-14

For all of your aspiring artists and animators, this is the camp is for them! In this camp, our techie’s will learn the basics of digital drawing and design, as well as be introduced to tools and software that modern day animators, artists, and designers use to create unique and inspiring creations. We’re excited about partnering with Toybox Labs for our 3D printing. We’ll create various objects to use in our stop motion shorts. They’ll also learn about NFT’s and each techie will create several of their own to sell to the grandparents! Ages 7-14

Day Camp: STEAM Party

August 15 - August 19 | 8:30am-3pm | Ages 5-8

Every kiddo loves a fun party! Our STEAM Party Camp will introduce several different aspects of Tech and STEAM. Kids will learn basic block coding and animation. They’ll have some fun with robots and begin to think about engineering using Snap Circuits, pennies, popsicle sticks, and LEGO’s. There might even be some slime. This camp will combine mostly hands on learning with some relevant screen time. Best for kiddo’s 5-8 years old.


Prices are for any of our corresponding summer camp options

Day Camps: $399

Mini Camps: $149

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