Day Camp: Digital Creators - Intro to eSports and Live Streaming

July 5-July 9 | 8:30am-3pm | Ages 8-12

Esports is competative video gaming. It’s growing in popularity by leaps and bounds and now surpasses the Super Bowl in vewiership. Kids love playing and streaming their favorite professionals. In this camp they’ll work on their skills and learn a little about streaming themselves. It will end in a battle royale tournament to find the king, or queen, of the camp! The program will help your child learn communication skills, problem solving, teamwork, and leadership skills. Best for ages 8-12

Day Camp: Digital Creators - Art, Animation, NFT Camp

July 11-July 15 | 8:30am-3pm | Ages 7-14

For all of your aspiring artists and animators, this is the camp is for them! In this camp, our techie’s will learn the basics of digital drawing and design, as well as be introduced to tools and software that modern day animators, artists, and designers use to create unique and inspiring creations. We’re excited about partnering with Toybox Labs for our 3D printing. We’ll create various objects to use in our stop motion shorts. They’ll also learn about NFT’s and each techie will create several of their own to sell to the grandparents! Ages 7-14

Day Camp: Entrepreneurship, Roblox, LUA, and the Metaverse

July 18-July 22 | 8:30am-3pm | Ages 7-13

Most kids are born entrepreneurs. They have dreams of being the next famous YouTuber, creating an amazing new game, or just having a great lemonade stand. Roblox and the Metaverse give them the opportunity to dream big. Roblox is the most popular spot in the Metaverse with over 190 million monthly users. In this camp, students will learn the basics of Roblox Studio and the LUA coding language to give them the knowledge base to create cool games and experiences on the platform. They’ll also learn about entrepreneurship while gaining a greater understanding of how the Roblox marketplace works.This class integrates fundamentals of Roblox coding, graphic design, entrepreneurship, math, and STEAM skills into a student-centered project that combines imagination, creativity, teamwork and problem solving skills as they design their own video games they can publish!

Day Camp: Digital Creators: YouTube/Tiktok

July 25-July 29 | 8:30am-3pm | Ages 6-12

Campers will learn the skills to become a YouTube/Tiktok sensation. We’ll cover online safety, storytelling, producing, filming, green screen use, graphic design, and editing videos! Techies will get experience in all production roles and make short-length movies from pre-production to post. With permission, they’ll learn to create a private YouTube channel to show family and friends their masterpieces. Best for kids age 6-12.

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