Music Lab Production

Ages 10-14

Learn to compose pop music with the same software used by the producers for Billy Eilish, Ariana Grande, Dababy, & Roddy Rich.
Unit 1: Beatmaking basics (music theory; the math of music)
Unit 2: Arranging beats (magic number 4)
Unit 3: Basic Chord Progressions
Unit 4: Writing melody

DJ Lab

Ages 7-11

Using the award winning Numark Party Mixer and Serato software, students will learn to mix, master, and create their own musical DJ style through mashing up popular songs, beats, and rhythms!

(For our production lab you will need a keyboard & for DJ you will need a mixer. These can be borrowed from us at no charge, purchased from Amazon, or buy ours)


Ages 9-14

For all of you aspiring artists and animators out there, this is the lab for you! In this lab, techies will learn the basics of digital drawing and design, as well as being introduced to tools and software that modern animators, artists, and designers use to create unique and inspiring creations.

YouTube Video Creation

Ages 6-13

Techies will work as their very own film director, producer, writer, actor, and editor to make short-length movies from pre to post-production. They’ll also learn to make various types of other popular channels. Each techie (with parent permission) will create a private YouTube channel to share their award-winning feature with parents and friends!

Coding in Python or Java Script

Ages 7-13

Techies will learn the basics of coding in Python or Java Script with the help of our great instructors.

Unity Game Development

Ages 10-14

Why play video games when you can make them! This lab integrates fundamentals of coding, graphic design, animation, and design into a student-centered project that combines imagination, creativity, teamwork and problem-solving skills as they design their own video game.

One on one scheduling is first come first served. Email us at to set up the times that work best for you. Children can do an hour every day, once a week, or something in between depending on your schedule.

Virtual Labs

Session card to be used for our DJ, Music Production, Animation/Art, YouTube Video Creation, Coding in Python, Coding in Java Script, or Unity Game Development. We provide free instruction on setting up Zoom and other video conferencing services.

Session Card


/4 one hour option
Session Card


/10 one hour option