This year is different from any other. With all of the stress kids and families have been under we believe our camps will give you an important respite from the past several months. Our number one priority at Techie Factory is the health and safety of all our techies. We are taking several precautions to try and minimize the spread of Covid 19. Our procedures will be as follows:

  • All of our camps will be reduced to 9 students per camp and they will be spread out around the center and be several feet apart for the vast majority of the day. We will revisit this number at the end of every week and might add more spots if conditions allow.
  • Every morning we will go over procedures to stop the spread of germs.
  • Children will be required throughout the day to wash hands and use hand sanitizer.
  • Parents will drop Techies off outside the door and will not come in for pick up.
  • Throughout the camps/labs children will be given reusable masks to keep.
  • If a child has a temperature or exhibits flu like symptoms we will call you and ask that you pick them up immediately. We will periodically check temperatures as needed.
  • We will only provide single use snacks and sharing of lunches will not be allowed.
  • Every evening and throughout the day we will be cleaning and thoroughly disinfecting Techie Factory.
  • If your child is sick please don’t send them to camp. We will happily refund your tuition.