What are Esports?

Our Esports Select teams give Techies the opportunity to compete while also learning teamwork, social skills, self confidence, winning and losing with grace, better coordination, and gives community to kids who don’t love traditional sports.

It’s so much more than Techies playing video games –  they learn how to stream, shoutcast, and be introduced to a variety of exciting future STEAM careers. Techies will play age appropriate games and have the opportunity to compete against other kids their age.

Benefits of Scholastic Youth Esports:


Building a Future

Esports can also inspire students to pursue higher education or careers in STEAM, such as game design and development, computer science, data science, music production, graphic design, entrepreneurialism and much more.



Players learn to negotiate the dynamics of a team, they must attend meetings and practices regularly, and they are held accountable for contributing through their competitions.


More on Impact

+ Higher graduation rates and higher attendance
+ Improved scores in math and reading
+ More students aspiring to higher education
+ Higher focus in class
+ Higher self-esteem, with fewer engagements of smoking and drinking

Upcoming Events:

Battle City at the Star in Frisco April 14-16

Battle City Orlando May 11-13

Past Events: