Our Mission

To ignite excitement, engage and prepare our kids for a technology driven world by learning real world skills in a fun, hands on environment.

  • Coders & Game Designers Lab
    • Coding in Python
    • Coding in JavaScript
    • Coding in Lua
    • Game Design in Unity & Unreal
  • Builders & Robotics Engineers Lab
    • Lego Engineering Programs
    • LEGO® Spike Prime, BricQ Education
    • Snap Circuits Curriculum
    • Everyday Engineering
  • Streamers & Video Creators Lab
    • Video Production
    • Streaming
    • Graphic Design
    • Digital Animation
  • DJ Music Creators Lab
    • Sound Track Production
    • Mixing & Music Production
  • Esports & Shoutcasting Lab
    • Minecraft, Valorant & Rocket League Build Battles
    • eSports Training Squad

For kids aged 6-17 in Frisco

Our programs cover all things tech including coding, robotics, music production/DJ, YouTube creation, esports, Minecraft modding and more!


A Vibrant Learning Experience For Digital Creators

One on one scheduling is first come first served. Email us at info@techiefactory.com to set up the times that work best for you. Children can do an hour every day, once a week, or something in between depending on your schedule.