Virtual Coder And Game Designer - Level I

Ages - 7-13

Through a fully virtual and asynchronous program, Techies will learn the basics of programming in Python or Java Script coding languages. The program includes onboarding and weekly touchpoint meetings with students/parents to help them set up their accounts, and make them comfortable with the online learning platform,  so they can learn at their own pace and their own time.

Techies will use block or scratch programming to begin learning the foundations of a computational/scripting language and understand the basics concepts of a programming language and its applications in the real-world. Be assured that the techies will have a blast learning computational skills, by applying problem solving skills, and creative thinking.

Virtual Coder And Game Designer - Level II

Ages - 11-13

Why just play video games all day when you can learn so much by making one ? This fully virtual and asynchronous program integrates fundamentals of coding, graphic design, STEAM, and game design into a student-centered project. Students will use their imagination, and put to use their creative and problem solving skills as they design their own video game.

Through this course, we also teach application design using Thunkable and game design, developement and coding in Unity and Unreal. Students will attend an initial virtual onboarding session and weekly virtual touchpoint meetings, where they will learn how to navigate the online coding platform and resolve issues, and share their progress with the program faciliator.

One on one scheduling is first come first served. Email us at to set up the times that work best for you. Children can do an hour every day, once a week, or something in between depending on your schedule.